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Your Local ACT Expert

Score Plus is North Alabama's choice for test prep and tutoring. We have helped hundreds of students prepare for the ACT, improve their ACT scores, and excel academically. By earning a high ACT score, you can gain admission to the college of your choice, earn thousands of dollars in scholarship money, and secure your academic future. Score Plus is here to help with ACT classes and private ACT prep!

ACT Prep Testimonials

"My daughter increased her ACT score after attending just 2 sessions. Her math score went up by 5 points, and her English score went up by 6 points. I was very well pleased with our experience!"

Amy Weaver

"My daughter enjoyed working with Brandon. He explained difficult concepts in practical ways that made sense to her. Highly recommend!"

Erin Froman

"Brandon at Score Plus is amazing! Our daughter had taken the ACT several times, but after being tutored by him, she went up 3 points. She was thrilled!"

Micah Smith

"Both my boys went to Score Plus Academics to help increase their ACT scores. They were great! Scores were raised above what we hoped."

Jane Anna Cummings

"Every minute in each session is used very wisely, and you will leave each time knowing something new and having more confidence in your  skills."

Ashlyn Derr

"Brandon at Score Plus did an awesome job preparing me for the ACT. My overall score went up 2 points in just a few weeks, and my Math score increased by 5 points!"

Hanna Bayless

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